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Low 747

Hi, See another 747 flying over the beach really low for landing at St. Maarten… Enjoy! Low 747

Yakkes in Iceland

Hi, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a movie seen on Russian TV, kind of short docu about a Yakkes in Iceland. Enjoy! Yakkes in Iceland Thanks for sharing link Tailgunner_Joe!

Thunderbird Solo

Hi, Member AlexSmit found a Thunderbird F-16 movie filmed fromout the cockpit, with some very nice moves Enjoy! Thunderbird Solo Thanks for sharing, alexsmit!

Fiji Black Hawk crash

Hello, Member PiG found a movie about an Australian Sikorsky Black Hawk crashing on the heli-deck of a military ship… Fiji Black Hawk crash Thanks for sharing this movie, pig!

L-410 Crazy Landing

Hi, Member Vortex submitted a cool movie about a L-410 in an crazy landing, a bumpy one… very bumpy! Enjoy! L-410 Crazy Landing Thanks for submitting, vortex!

DC-3 Inside Tour

Hi, Member Xolon found a movie about a pretty luxury equipped DC-3 filmed from inside… Enjoy! DC-3 Inside Tour Thanks for submitting, Xolon!


Hi, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a cool movie about extreme STOL! Enjoy! STOL Thanks for sharing Tailgunner_Joe!

DHC-C Turbo Otter Seaplane

Hi, Member PiG submitted a really nice cockpit movie about a Harbour Air DHC-C Turbo Otter seaplane landing at Victoria BC, Canada. Enjoy! DHC-C Turbo Otter Seaplane Thanks for sharing, PiG!

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